The Liechtenstein gorge

The Liechtenstein gorge in St. Johann

Roaring waterfalls, rushing, clear water and deep crevices – a hike through the Liechtenstein Gorge goes over catwalks, footbridges and through tunnels. The Liechtenstein Gorge is only 10 minutes away from the Hotel Edelweiss in St. Johann im Pongau. This natural highlight is a refreshing, must-see summer destination.
Hike through a Famous Salzburg Gorge

The Liechtenstein Gorge is also one of the deepest gorges in the Alps. The gorge is open to visitors from May until the end of October. The total length of the gorge is around 4km, although only 1km of that is passable.

In Harmony with Nature – Hiking through the Liechtenstein Gorge

All of the catwalks and footbridges that go throughout the Liechtenstein Gorge are made of wood and fit in well with the surrounding natural landscape of the gorge. The hike through the gorge takes around one and a half hours. You should wear sturdy shoes to ensure comfort. The Liechtenstein Gorge is not open during the winter.

How the Liechtenstein Gorge Was Named

In 1875, it was decided in St. Johann im Pongau that a path through the gorge should be established. As there wasn’t enough money at the time to complete the work, the inhabitants asked Prince Johan II of Liechtenstein to assist financially. The Prince offered a generous donation and the work was able to be completed. To thank and to memorialise the generosity of the Prince, the gorge in Salzburg henceforth was named after him.

The Development of the Liechtenstein Gorge – A Salzburg Saga

The Grossarler Ache River flows deep in the Liechtenstein Gorge. Through the constant erosion of the rock by the flowing water, the gorge has become deeper each year over thousands of years. This is what we understand to be the scientific explanation of the origin of the Liechtenstein Gorge.

In Salzburg, however, they tell a different story: the legend of the Liechtenstein Gorge says that the canyon was created by the wrath of the devil. As punishment for being duped by a human, the devil banished the water deep within the gorge so that it could no longer be useful.

You can use the Liechtenstein Gorge on vacation, however – it’s a dreamlike hike.
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