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Familial, traditional, natural

We aim to create a place where people can draw strength and experience special moments. Every single member of our family lives out their passion to the fullest, day by day. Only then we can be there for each other and enrich others at the same time.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

The foundation stone for Das Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort was laid in 1977 when Grandma and Grandpa Hettegger built a small guesthouse with fourteen rooms. The sons of their eleven children were supposed to learn a craft, a ‘proper’ job. That’s why their son Peter was not allowed to become a cook; instead he chose to be an electrician.

When Peter eventually took over his parents’ business in 1979, he also built a cosy café in the centre of the village in Grossarl/Unterberg. The wonderful cakes - his wife Elisabeth made - were known far and wide. A few years later, the number of beds was first increased to 70 and then to 100. In 1990, the ‘Rauchkuchl’ dance bar was added to Das Edelweiss; a popular dance hall with après-ski, pizzeria and dining room.

In 1998, Das Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort saw major upgrades again: the annexe to 240 beds and construction of the indoor pool, sauna area and the beauty and vitality residence. Little by little, Peter’s siblings and children entered the business. In 2018, Peter Jun. and his wife Karin took over running the hotel. Paying great attention to detail and being mindful of the previous pioneering work, they have transformed Das Edelweiss into a holiday resort of the future.
‘One for all, all for one’
Alexandre Dumas
A strong family, a strong team

Then as now, our focus is on the personal contact with our guests and family togetherness. Peter and Karin Hettegger have been managing Das Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort since 2018. The rest of the family are there to help and advise. A whopping fourteen Hettegers are actively involved in looking after our guests. We have the luxury of being one big family. From generation to generation a valuable possession is passed on, which promises joie de vivre, solidarity and trust. We have managed it to create a resort with exceptional natural materials that encompasses a unique atmosphere. Tradition and modernity blend harmoniously here.

The family also has an outstanding team of committed people to support it. Every day they do their utmost in the kitchen, service sector, wellness area and far beyond. The Hettegger family works with them on equal terms and with respect. All are instrumental in the success of Das Edelweiss and deserve greatest respect.
In the heart of Salzburger Land
In the heart of Salzburger Land

In the heart of Salzburger Land

Well-being to take away, please.

Only the best for the little ones

Being active with kids & kids wellness

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Always with passion

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