Nowhere in Austria is there as many alpine pastures as there are in the Salzburger Land. Of the 1,800 alpine chalets in the region, approximately 550 are open to hikers and visitors. Just in the Grossarl Valley alone are around 40 operated alpine chalets. These can be reached by foot, by Hiking Taxi or via mountain bike.

When the summer finally reaches the rural sections of Austria, it is time for the farmers to graze their cows in the alpine pastures. This is the start of the Alpine Summer in Salzburg and it’s the best time for hikers to take a holiday in the "Valley of Alpine Pastures" At the end of your hike or mountain bike tour you’ll find rich, green pastures and historic alpine chalets in which you can try regional delicacies.

Alpine Summer Delicacies and Specialities

The best refreshment after a long hike: a hearty “Brettljause” (a typical Tyrolean snack) at an alpine chalet. And why do these ingredients taste so much better here in the Alps? First, the milk, butter, bread and many other specialities are produced by hand here in the alpine pastures. Second, the dairy products all come from happy alpine cows that graze right here in the valley. And third, everything just tastes better after a long day in the Alps!

Salzburger Almenweg Hiking Trail

The famous recipes of the alpine chalets are yours to take home. Ask any of your hosts about their secret recipes and add them to your personal alpine cookbook. Every chalet has its own “alpine secret”. Look forward to this very personal souvenir from your alpine summer holiday.

Salzburger Almenweg

The diversity of the alpine pastures in the Salzburger Land, specifically in the Grossarl Valley, can be readily experienced on 4 distinct stages of the Almenweg Hiking Trail. The entire route is around 350km long and goes from alpine chalet to alpine chalet. In total there are 31 individual stages, and therefore 31 hiking days, along the Almenweg. Four of these stages traverse the Grossarl Valley, making this area the perfect starting point for a hike on this renowned trail.
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